Built To Last QnA

by Mike Guadango September 18, 2014

Hi Mike. I purchased Built 2 Last today and am excited to start it. A couple of questions… 1. I know there’s no nutrition component per se, but what are the general nutrition guidelines you’ve been following in order to achieve the increased strength/decreased fat results…has it been eating in a calorie deficit, not counting […]

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A Little Humpday Motivation…

by Pat Carozza September 17, 2014

Seeing as how it’s Wednesday, I got about an hour of sleep last night and you’re week may or may not be dragging like mine, I thought I would post something that I once gave to a football team I coached. It deals a lot with getting rid of negative thoughts and people. I am […]

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Built to last is here!!

by Mike Guadango September 16, 2014

Guys, Built to Last is HERE!! I’m real proud of it.  It took a while but it’s finally done and here.  I’m sure you are tired of hearing about it by now, so I’ll keep it short and sweet.  From strictly an aesthetic perspective, the results speak for themself!  This program is so hardcore that […]

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Big Announcements & Stress

by Mike Guadango September 11, 2014

A few announcements to make before my latest article: 1.  As many of you probably have read/heard, me and Joe D have put together a pretty sweet ebook.  It’s called Built to Last.  It comes out Tuesday, September 16th! I’m really excited about it.  It’s a pretty sick program and we’ve spent a lot of […]

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What is your priority?

by Pat Carozza September 10, 2014

Priorities…I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Dealing with the general public and athletes on a daily basis I’ve come across just about every personality type you could imagine. The most successful people all have one thing in common…they know what their priorities are and they work their hardest to get them done. For […]

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The Mental Game

by Pat Carozza August 21, 2014

Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA lately, but I’m still dealing with my Achilles injury, and that got me to thinking…a lot! I spend a lot of time not just getting my athletes stronger and faster, but also making sure that their heads are right. An athletes mindset is just as important as his strength/speed. […]

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World Cup Preparation & Triphasic Q&A

by Mike Guadango August 11, 2014

Mike, I was reading with interest your post “Triphasic Q & A.” I was left with a question though. What would three to four weeks of Aerobic Strengthening for the powerlifits look like. Thanks, Todd —————- Aerobic strengthening is essentially a slow controlled ROM with a lighter load.  It’s to improve the motor patterns and […]

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New Montage

by Mike Guadango August 7, 2014

For your viewing pleasure

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Workout You Can do On Crutches

by Pat Carozza July 30, 2014

So as some of you who follow me on twitter(@carozzastrength) and instagram(@carozza_defranco)(and if you’re not…why? I’m hilarious…and I post lots of good info…like my feelings on people who slow roll the turn signal in the left lane of a two lane road…those are the worst types of people!!) I ruptured my achilles two weeks ago […]

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Easy Ways to Gain Weight

by Mike Guadango July 29, 2014

Stuck at a skinny spot?  Having trouble putting on weight?  Guys, the formula to gaining weight is VERY simple.  Figure out how many calories you’re consuming per day and per week.  Then, all you have to do is up the total daily and weekly calories. However, if you’re too lazy for all that, then here’s […]

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