Increasing Punching Power and Endurance

by Pat Carozza April 16, 2014

Currently I am working with an up and coming boxer, Michael Angelo “The Artist” Perez, in the 140-pound weight class. He came to the gym in preparation for his last fight September 30th, 2013, and he has continued training with me. He’s represented by Golden Boy Promotions and has a record of 20-1-2 and is […]

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FMS and DeFranco’s

by Mike Guadango April 15, 2014

Mike, Was just wondering what your thoughts on the functional movement screen are and if you use it with the athletes at defrancos? ——————- We don’t use it.  I have a multitude of issues with that utilizing that generic screening on specific populations.  Not to mention, it bases your scores on symmetry while most sports […]

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Allow Myself to Introduce…Myself…

by Pat Carozza April 9, 2014

  What’s up fellow Freak Strength readers? I just wanted to take a minute and introduce myself, as I will be a new addition to the crew writing for the site. First off I’d like to say it’s an honor to be able to contribute to a site that gives so much quality info out […]

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Speed Training For Young Athletes

by Mike Guadango April 8, 2014

Mike, I have a 14 year old son that plays Football, baseball and soccer. Would you recommend that he trains the lower body the same day he does speed training? Thank you! ——————— I base a lot of what I do with younger athletes off of their physical maturation.  Prepubescent athletes will almost always perform […]

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New Supplement…

by Carr April 4, 2014

Just when I thought they’ve exhausted new supplements and new supplement ideas I stumble upon a new one.  I will admit I do think there is some genius behind this. History:  It all started with Red Bull, then came RockStar, Amp, Monster, and others.  Not far behind came the healthier version, 5 Hour Energy, loaded […]

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Football Lineman and Shoulder Health: Q&A with Mike Guadango

by Mike Guadango April 2, 2014

I’d like to preface this article by saying this: I rarely speak in absolutes.  Obviously no one situation, equation or outcome is universally applicable. People that do speak in absolutes usually don’t know what they think they know. Hey Mike, I am currently playing college football. I just had my second shoulder labral repair surgery. […]

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5 Reasons for Anterior Right Hip Pain/Tightness

by Carr March 30, 2014

    In the last few years this have become a huge problem for me, as such, after discussing with many clients and friends I found out it’s more prominent than I suspended.  Why does this problem exist?  What are the causes? 1> Commute:  One main component for my pain and discomfort is in the last two […]

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Q&A: Hip Injury from Squats

by Mike Guadango March 25, 2014

Hey Mike, As always great stuff on here, keep up the tunnel vision you got, mad respect! So 2 weeks ago I injured my left hip on the eccentric of some squats. After that I’ve been taking some time off from squats since it hurts to initiate the eccentric. Instead I deadlift twice a week […]

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Push Through It

by Mike Guadango March 21, 2014

Woke up this morning, got some reading in and then came across this video: This video is awesome and stupid at the same time. This guy is telling you to ignore pain and injuries, which if you’re in my business is usually the wrong thing to do.  In fact all, my education tells me that […]

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Like a proud father…

by Carr February 21, 2014

  It’s awesome, exciting, and just plain crazy to think these boys are all grown up out there living a dream.  Cherish and take advantage of every moment boys… college flies by in seconds.

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