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What good is running that 4.4sec 40 yard dash if every time you run it, you pull a muscle?

We believe the best ability is availability. The athletes that improve the most are the ones that are away from the field the least!

Our goal is to keep athletes healthy & moving better while improving performance.

If it doesn’t get you closer to attaining your goals, we don’t waste time with it.

We at Freak Strength have the knowledge, experience & the ability to help you improve your performance – whether it be: speed, power, strength, endurance, flexibility/mobility or general health.  You will not find a gym in the area with more qualified coaches with both traditional education as well as practical experience. Our staff has worked with athletes from youth all the way to Pro-Bowlers with 10+ years of professional experience.

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We Are The #1 Performance Center in the Tri-State Area!


For any Information regarding: Programming, Performance Training, Nutritional Counseling, Consulting, Seminars, Lectures. or Scheduling Appointments

EMAIL: for general inquiries

NOTE: We are not a public gym with standard operating hours. All sessions are by appointment only. Hours of operation vary from day to day. Please email to schedule a time to come to our facility and meet with a trainer if you’re interested in learning more about our programs. 


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4 Movie quotes I live by

As a coach & business owner, I am constantly struggling with growing the business while bettering myself as a coach.  My goal is to grow the program every year.  I don’t want it to stay the same.  If it does, I’m not learning enough.  I should always be learning.  I should always be pushing myself.

Here are 4 movie quotes that I live by:

  1. “You solve one problem, then you solve the next one, and then the next, and if you solve enough problems, you get to come home.”
    Any task can become overwhelming very quickly if you look at it too broadly.  Focus on one thing at a time.  They say only 2% of the population can multitask.  Chances are, you’re not in that 2%.  Write a list, and cross one thing off at a time.  If you have a great idea in the middle of the task, write it down then finish your task.  Or, stop your current task & pursue the other.  Do not do both simultaneously.  Focus on one thing at a time.
    As Buddy Morris taught me, “Correct one thing at a time & you have an 85% success rate, correct two & it immediately drops to 37%.  Good luck with three.”

  2. “If life has taught me anything, it’s that 95% of the people are always wrong.”
    I happen to think that most people don’t know much of anything.  It’s a monkey-see monkey-do world.  People are very comfortable just going with the crowd and would much rather blend in and be part of the social norm.
    They are much more comfortable failing while doing the same thing everyone else is doing, than potentially succeed by doing things differently.
    If 95% were always right, then casinos wouldn’t make money, everyone would be making $400k+/year & virtually every small business & big idea would be a hit.
    As we all know, this just isn’t the truth.
    I will routinely take a step back and see if this is something that everyone else is doing.  Then I will logically justify my actions.

  3. “Whenever there is any doubt, there is no doubt.”
    Go with your gut.  If there is a chance you shouldn’t be doing something, chances are, you probably shouldn’t be.  If you think there’s a chance you’re in the wrong, you’re probably in the wrong.  Always be objective & justified in what you do.  Make things black and white as best as you can before making any decision.

  4. “I’m not locked in here with you, you’re locked in here with me!”
    This is a huge part of my outlook.
    I suppose, this would be the same as the tremendous speech in Rocky Balboa when he tells his son not to make excuses for himself.Here’s the clip:

    I love this speech.  There’s amazing things to hear in this.  But, if you look at the essence of this speech, the same message, but on the other end. It’s that you can’t blame someone else for your things going wrong.  You need to take ownership.  But to me, it’s directed at someone who feels sorry for themself – a victim.  I refuse to feel that way.  No matter what happens, I’m not a victim.  I am the HMFIC (Head MFer In Charge.)  I control my own life.  Anything that happens, it’s because I allow it to.

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