Back Pain? Try This

I made these video a while ago. Check them out


Here are some other exercises & stretches to add to the mix


If you thought these videos were helpful, come try out one of our adult classes for FREE!

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Mike Guadango

About Mike Guadango

Mike is a currently a Coach, Writer & Owner for Freak Strength. He was a part of DeFranco’s Gym for over 10 years, studied under Buddy Morris and James Smith while at the University of Pittsburgh and has also studied at various physical therapy practices. He has coached levels of athletes from Pro-Bowl, MLB, to pre-pubescent athletes and has also consulted for high caliber athletes worldwide.

5 thoughts on “Back Pain? Try This

  1. But one can NOT generate enough force to cause ANY movement let alone traction with this product. Look at the research. The amount of traction force needed to cause vertebral separation is well documented.

  2. What is the best way to determine if the pain is sciatica or a disc issue? I have a dull pain in my left leg which hurts under the buttox (where the most contact with the seat is) and on the back of the leg and occasionally the bottom of the tailbone It is annoying pain but manageable while sitting and laying down. But it flares up during stretches and when I stand up after sitting. I am incapable of sitting with my back straight and my legs perfectly straight (a pike) with this pain, I alway have to lean backwards or bend my knees to straighten my back (I am usually pretty limber though). I can do the Performis stretch with my right leg and very little pain, but I can’t even get my back straight when I have my left leg propped up on my knee, I am forced to lean back or hunch. I am able to easily do the side glide while keeping the back completely verticle and the pain almost goes away completely goes away, but returns when I sit. But this may also be because I am not putting much weight on the leg or bending the back. Any suggestions or tips for other types of stretches I could do?

  3. Hi mike
    nice video , good for the back pain,I am incapable of sitting with my back straight and my legs perfectly straight (a pike) with this pain

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