Eat More Veggies!

If you’re like me and find it tough to eat the right amount of vegetables then this will save you! It’s quick, easy and delicious!!

I eat over 10 cups of vegetables per day now because of this! And It’s effortless. I haven’t felt this good in a LONG time!

Key Ingredients:
-Olive oil (or whatever oil you prefer)
-Cookie pan/sheet

Step 1:
Buy whatever vegetables you want along with the rest of the ingredients needed. I get frozen string beans, broccoli or even mixed veggies.

Step 2:

Put veggies on the cookie sheet, frozen or thawed, doesn’t matter.

Step 3:
Put on olive oil

Step 4:
Put on salt

Step 5:
Put on 2 truvia packets

Step 6:
Put in oven at 350 degrees (F) for 10minutes

Step 7:
Take out veggies after 10 minutes and eat them.

It’s easy and delicious and I guarantee you eat more because of it.

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