Ground Based Hip Series

Here’s a variation of a basic hip circuit that we utilize in our facility.  We’ll typically go 1-3 sets of 10-30 reps with no weight.  However, performing these under variant resistances can be applicable to different situations.


  1. Manual concentric
  2. Manual eccentric
  3. Manual isometric
  4. Weighted
  5. Weighted concentric
  6. Weighted eccentric
  7. Weighted isometric

In healthy athletes we perform this preworkout.  For athletes that are not healthy, it’s not unusual for this to be part of the main movement of the workout.

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Mike is a currently a Coach, Writer & Owner for Freak Strength. He was a part of DeFranco’s Gym for over 10 years, studied under Buddy Morris and James Smith while at the University of Pittsburgh and has also studied at various physical therapy practices. He has coached levels of athletes from Pro-Bowl, MLB, to pre-pubescent athletes and has also consulted for high caliber athletes worldwide.

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