Neck Training

Football is upon us! Our pro guys are in their last two weeks of prep and our high school and college guys will be done shortly after. Having said that I want to touch on an aspect of training I feel is overlooked and is vitally important. Neck training! And no…not just so you can have a Takeo Spikes type looking yoke!

If you’re going to play football…or box/mma, hockey, or any other contact sport, it is critical for you to have a strong neck. Researchers think that one of the reasons for concussions, especially in youth and high school players is because of weak necks not being able to properly support their helmets, thus causing them to inadvertently lower their heads as they fatigue more and more. Now be aware, what I am suggesting is not a cure to concussions, and will not prevent them totally, but it will help and should be part of your routine.

Without further delay, here are three easy exercises you can do with minimal equipment:

Manual 4 Way Resistance: Get a buddy and have them resist as you push against them forwards, backwards and to each side. Don’t have him try to rip your head off, but provide some resistance.

Banded Resistance: Wrap a band around a pole and then wrap it around your forehead like a head band and move forward/backward until you feel it difficult to keep your head in a straight position. Do this for time.

Neck Bridges: I got this one from James The Thinker Smith(actually I got all of these from someone, but I distinctly remember seeing James do these) Here is a video:

There you go kids! Go get that neck strong and stay healthy this season!

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