Training Programs

Our program is geared towards improving quality of movement.  Movement efficiency is key!  If you can’t move properly you’re just setting yourself up for setbacks!

We offer a variety of programs to improve a variety of people.

  1. Customized Group Training – Every athlete is given an individualized program in a group setting
  2. Team Training – Group training designed to build speed, strength, flexibility & team unity
  3. Speed School – Foundational program for youth athletes to improve speed & movement quality
  4. Adult Training – Designed specifically to suit people that want to improve general fitness
  5. 1-on-1 Personal Training
  6. Online Programming

$250 per 4-weeks of online programming.

e-mail for any questions regarding our programs. 

2 thoughts on “Training Programs

  1. Hi there– I am a tennis teaching pro of 47yo. I have some significant injuries that I deal with—that keep me away from the tennis court as a player. i very much want to get back to playing. MOVEMENT is key as well as staying injury free (DDD in my back). 3 herniated discs. Right knee torn meniscus etc.
    Please contact me –I am eager to learn more.

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